Friday, 31 May 2013

Hello there!

Hello there readers!

Well I'm going to start off by saying I hope that this works! I am a total technophobe so this is all new to me so please bare with me as it might take me a while to get the hang of things! you've already gathered I am totally new to this. On a few occasions I have had family, friends and fellow Nail Technicians suggest that I start a blog or do some YouTube videos of designs I have created. Ive always sat there nodded politely and said yeah okay maybe one day whilst really thinking haha yeah right that's NEVER going to happen. Well guess what after seeing a friends blog I thought that looks easy so today's the day lucky you! I thought it would probably be easier to start off with the easiest of the two so my blog has now been born!

You must forgive me, I will probably bore you all to death with my utter nonsense and waffling! If I do just say so and I will try to tone it down a tad!

Well now for some background on me! My name is Steph and I am the owner/Nail Stylist at Woodlands Beauty.  I have been qualified since 2004, but I never really did much with it to be honest until just a little over 2 years ago when I discovered that fabulous product that is CND Shellac and I've not looked back since! I've completed a few courses with CND and look forward to doing a lot more in the near future. My best achievment to date has to be becoming a CND Master Painter! I love creating gorgeous nails, it could be a simple block colours, nail art or my favourite Rockstars! I mean who doesn't like a bit of glitter, well me actually I don't like a bit of glitter I LOVE a hell of a lot of glitter! One thing my friends and clients are always telling me is if they were to go into space they'd probably be able to see me as I am always covered in the stuff, its a bit of an obsession really! 

Outside of work I am a Mummy to two gorgeous kiddies (daughter age 10, son age 4) whom I love to bits even if the do drive me insane at times! I am currently writing this with my son on my lap who is resembling a dot to dot puzzle at the minute, the poor thing has come down with Chicken Pox, so not the way I wanted to spend half term!

If you want to follow me outside of the blog you can find me on the following:

Twitter: @WoodlandsBeaut9

Anyway thats enough about me for now! I look forward to blogging with you all!

See you soon xx